January Athlete of the Month

Our January athlete of the month was Meylin! Mey started CrossFit over 10 years ago by accident. She was standing in line to get into her Zumba class and a girl asked if Mey could go with her to her first CrossFit class with her and she said “Sure, why not?” and was hooked ever since. Meylin’s favorite thing about ASDC is “The community!!!! No matter how badly I give up in my head…. Someone always is cheering me on to finish my WOD! I never feel ashamed if I was the last one to finish a WOD. I just feel accomplished that I have only myself to beat!” Her advice to anyone who wants to start CrossFit but might be scared is to JUST DO IT! You only have yourself to thank later when you can carry all your groceries in one shot because you were practicing the farmer carry. Functional fitness is the best! Help us congratulate Mey for doing an amazing job in the gym!