May Athlete of the Month

Our athlete of the month for May was Drew! He started CrossFit almost 3 years ago. Drew started running about a year before he started Crossfit to lose weight, but he got bored with it and wanted something more. His friend David suggested CrossFit, even though Drew had no idea what it was he decided to try it out! He stuck with it because he liked having the opportunity to build strength as well as endurance. Drew’s favorite thing about ASDC is “The attentiveness of the coaches. Everything is super individualized and every coach knows each athlete so well that they are always available for a personalized recommendation. I was not expecting to learn so many new skills when I first started and that has been a huge plus. The community is also amazing. I’ve made many new friends through ASDC.” He says if you are nervous or intimidated to start CrossFit everything can be scaled and modified to your abilities, skill level, and goals. It really is for everyone. There is no judgment from other members or coaches. Help us congratulate Drew for doing an amazing job in the gym! Keep it up!