• Senior Group Fitness Coach
  • CrossFit L-2 Trainer
  • CrossFitter since 2017
  • Favorite Barbell Move: Hang Power Clean or Hang Power Snatch (too hard to choose)
  • Favorite Gymnastics Move: Toes-to-Bar (her jam)
  • Athletic Past: High School All-State Cross Country
  • Equestrian: Horseback Instructor. New Jersey Professional Horsemen’s Association (NJPHA) Champion, 1994

Tracy dedicates much of her time to coaching, especially leading those early morning classes. She enjoys the “predictably unpredictable” rhythm of CrossFit, where each day presents a new cardio and strength challenge. Like many people, Tracy played high school sports but became less active as an adult. Then, she found CrossFit in 2017 and discovered the benefits were much more than physical. “My mental state has improved, and I’m more efficient in my everyday life,” Tracy explains. “CrossFit encourages each athlete to push him or herself physically and mentally, and this continues even after class has ended.” Tracy knows that if she can do 100 pullups in a workout (with grit and determination), then work, family, and other life obligations seem more manageable. CrossFit also emphasizes a healthy lifestyle that Tracy enjoys by incorporating positive goals for sleep and nutrition. On a personal level, Tracy has become more patient with herself (and others) and conquered a 20-year smoking habit. “I am more in tune with myself than I have ever been. I want to help give this gift to others, so I became a coach. My goal is to support others and watch them grow during their journey. Being a part of this process fuels me and brings me joy.”

Tracy has been a fixture at ASDC CrossFit almost since its inception. However, if you don’t know Tracy, here are a few nuggets to get you started. Tracy is hands-down a morning person and can easily wake at 4:00 am to begin coaching at 5:00 am. Her favorite cheat meal is pizza—balanced with a healthy choice of sashimi (wow, no rice!). If she could have a superhero power, it would be telekinesis (that’s moving objects with your mind, folks). Tracy lives in New Jersey with her husband, tween daughter, her cat, Cassie (aka Kitty), and two beautiful horses, Callie (aka Meatball) and Pie.