• Group Fitness Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFitter since 2016
  • Favorite Barbell Move: Snatch
  • Favorite Cardio Move: Rower
  • Favorite Gymnastics Move: Chest-to-Bar Pull-upsĀ 


Jesse embodies the perfect balance of fun and professionalism that makes CrossFit so captivating. With its diverse workouts and intense challenges, CrossFit offers a structured approach that allows athletes, including Jesse, to push their bodies to their limits in unique ways. The impressive results speak for themselves, improving overall fitness and delivering remarkable strength gains. Jesse has a special place in his heart for the heavy barbell, a symbol of the sport’s power and significance.


Beyond the physical benefits, CrossFit has transformed Jesse’s lifestyle, becoming his positive and inspiring “obsession.” He has embraced a healthy eating regimen, leading to significant weight loss and renewed well-being.


Jesse’s coaching style is characterized by an infectious energy that keeps participants engaged and focused. He has a knack for bringing out the best in athletes, even those who may start a workout with wavering concentration. Under Jesse’s guidance, their focus sharpens, and they strive to achieve their goals.


Although Jesse longs for lazy beach days and staying up until sunrise, his dedication to CrossFit takes precedence. While he indulges in pizza occasionally, his preference lies with grilled steak or chicken with veggies. If given the chance, Jesse would choose the superpower of flight, acknowledging the potential chaos that might ensue.


Originally from Flemington, Jesse now proudly calls the Jersey Shore home. He cherishes the company of his loyal dog, Penelope, and finds endless pride and joy in his two wonderful children.