• Group Fitness Coach
  • CrossFit L-2 Trainer
  • CrossFitter since 2016
  • Favorite Barbell Move: Power Clean
  • Favorite Cardio Move: Toes-to-Bar and Turkish Get-ups (can’t name just one)

Becca’s CrossFit journey began in December 2016, when she took her first class with Coach Brian. She remembers surreptitiously watching the other athletes warm up. She wasn’t intimidated but mesmerized by how graceful everyone looked, heaving heavy kettlebells or lifting large barbells. Then it was her turn to learn the movements. Coach Brian instructed her precisely on how to perform an American kettlebell swing. Upon completing the first set in the workout, she placed her kettlebell down and thought, “Wow, this is fun!” Becca was hooked.

Being from an athletic background, Becca has always craved movement and gravitated toward fast-paced activities. After high school, running became an outlet to channel her energy. It wasn’t long before she needed a new stimulus, something constantly varied, and CrossFit was the perfect match! “The thing about CrossFit is that one day you will complete a 6-minute workout, the next day, a 25-minute workout and feel equally exerted from both!” Intensity is a relative term depending on an individual’s athletic ability and experience. Becca enjoys coaching multiple classes where she can affect young, senior, new, and experienced athletes.

The vibes that fill ASDC are also unlike anything else. No mirrors, no casual treadmill jogs while scrolling on Instagram—just pure, positive energy intertwined within a supportive community. That is the most beautiful thing about this community and why Becca loves being a coach at ASDC CrossFit. Helping individuals meet checkpoints in their fitness journeys is more than Becca wants to be a fellow athlete.

Becca lives in Pennsylvania with her fiancé. She will soon be a registered nurse caring for our most precious and delicate patients in a burn or neurointensive care unit.