Coach Brian Leads an Anti-Bullying and Empowerment Seminar!

Local Cub Scout Pack Meeting

Coach Brian (Seen in Maroon) is often asked to speak and educate on his views of “Bullying”; being a product of bullying himself in his youth. Born with a stuttering speech impediment he found himself the constant target of ridicule and aggression from his peers, which left him alone for most of his life. Yet through the teachings and advisement of his parents he learned how to self love, self care and self discipline to live the best life he possibly could; never letting the opinions or words of others define who he was as a person or making him a victim. He now takes any opportunity he is able to speak in public about his experiences and teach others how they too can overcome the victim mentality to lead a more fulfilling life. Also Being raised within the martial arts with an extensive background of over 25 years, 15 of which professionally teaching he has an in depth understanding on situation de escalation and situation analysis. Sharing his incite on how to deal with bullies with words; leaving action for the absolute last resort. To inquire on how to book Coach Brian to speak at your school or event please contact us at [email protected]. Adult version of the seminar is also available.