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“Simply the best environment to conquer your most seemingly unachievable fitness goals. The combination of approachable, knowledgeable, caring staff and equally as amazing members will leave you wondering why you didn’t try ASDC CrossFit sooner. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or have never set foot in a gym, the staff at ASDC will ensure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with your workouts. You are your biggest barrier to success, and the family at ASDC will encourage you to test your limits. With zero background in CrossFit and a workout regime that left more to be desired, I decided to try ASDC CrossFit. I arrived at my first class with an open mind and a boatload of humility, but I left feeling motivated and confident. The one-on-one instruction and attention to proper form/technique that ASDC provides is incomparable to other gyms. If you’re searching for quality, look no further. I dare you to prove me a liar.”

– Lauren Semanchik

“I’ve realized for myself that CrossFit is the perfect go-to for performing the best full-body workout possible. Just after one month, I’ve learned that it allows you to push yourself, never too hard, but to the perfect degree that leaves you constantly finding numerous abilities you never knew existed; in addition to, of course, that rewarding feeling of knowing you’ve performed your very best as far as any workout goes, every time. Not only is Brian is a super friendly guy who cares deeply about making his trainees feel well-accomplished by carefully pushing each individual to their limits in order for them reach their own goals and potentials to the best of their ability, he is very knowledgeable and has a strong passion for this hobby, as well as helping people find and develop physical and mental strength that allows them to feel and become more confident beings overall. I highly recommend CrossFit to everyone and anyone, from beginners to advanced athletes.”

– Shelby Kuhns

“ASDC does a great job focusing on the ability and strength of each individual member. They seamlessly allow for the opportunity for beginner members to participate in the same classes as the more advanced without affecting one another’s work outs. Brian, along with his staff, are true professionals and see to it that the members get the most out of every class.”

– Anthony Brattole

“Never thought I would do CrossFit but this place rocks! Brian, the owner, is super friendly and very knowledgeable about proper technique and not pushing yourself too far. The gym is very clean and everyone is super cool. No pressure, just to do your best and do it right. I highly recommend trying it out!”

– Nikol Hladkey

“I’m new to CrossFit and was really nervous to give it a try, but the coaches at ASDC have been awesome! They take extra time to help everyone get the moves just right and really motivate you to get you through your workout. Brian has even spent time helping me during open gym hours when I could not make the usual class times. I’m so glad I stumbled across ASDC, its the most fun I have ever had in a gym!”

-Brenna Unwin

“Awesome environment to workout in. Everyone is very friendly and motivated to conquer workouts. Very knowledgeable instructors who help push you to reach your ultimate potential. I highly recommend giving ASDC CrossFit a try if you’re looking to get into shape or better yourself physically.”

-Anthony Candelaria

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