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Redefine Yourself

There is no “Gym” expectation for you to meet.  Just have the drive to reach any goals you set for yourself.  Understand that within our community you’re your own best competition; competing against others drive your intensity.  But looking at your own progress and development is what you need to justify yourself as an athlete.


As long as you have the heart..the will to train… we’ll do all that’s within our power to guide you down the proper path that you as an individual need to develop.  You’re not limited by age, sickness, disability or any other personal struggle that you may be facing.  All you need is that heart to come into the gym and better yourself with each and everyday you walk through our doors; our job here at ASDC CrossFit is to show you that you’re capable of any change you see yourself making.

We first started off as a Martial Arts school that was driven to help all those who were seeking out practical and applicable self-defense training.  With our drive and the results we have been able to give our students we have been fortunate to continue to teach and develop martial artist for over 14 years.  Making us the longest running successful martial arts school in the Flemington Area.

Our drive hasn’t wavered or faltered in our commitment to help those within our community.  So in 2015 ASDC CrossFit was formed as what we seen as a necessity to fight back against those fitness communities that lost sight of why they opened in the first place.  It wasn’t for money, it wasn’t for prestige but to help those who walked through their doors; to us you’re not a monetary number you’re a person.  

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Brian Metz
Brian MetzOwner/Head CrossFit Coach

Brian Metz has an extensive martial Arts background and since the age of 5 he has collective total of 24 years of martial arts training. With training in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Judo, Kyokushin, and studied on an independent basis the philosophies and training patterns of Uechiryu and Gojuryu. Brian was published in the book “A Real World Martial Arts Guide” on his views and principles concerning Isshinryu Karate-Do.

Brian’s passion isn’t just Martial Arts. He found his passion and life’s work in bettering the lives of those around him. In teaching Martial Arts for the last 14 years he has seen the impact he was able to make in so many lives. Taking a bullied teen and see them grow into a confident adult brings him more joy then any level of monetary gain. As well as taking an adult with no prior experience or ability and seeing them turn into a technical and competent fighter.

Although he was able to help and develop individuals in a mental and physical sense within martial arts, he knew his ability to help people grow was limited.  After training in CrossFit for an extended amount of time he realized his own self growth and development in overall health and well being. It was at this realization that he decided to go down the path to owning his own affiliation. He only has one life to give and he wants to spend it helping people live more fulfilling lives. To not only help people with a sense of protection but the overall well being that CrossFit offers.

-CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-5th degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate-do

-1st degree Black Belt in Shorinryu Karate and Kobudo

-Certified Instructor, International Federation of Kyokushin Karate

Marcin Serafin
Marcin SerafinOwner/Head Barbell Coach

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of challenging the status quo. The “Normal” way of working out and getting into shape had lost its appeal to me. After years of being stagnant with my overall fitness level and sustaining injuries that had left me with shoulder issues and back issues, I wasn’t really sure that I would ever complete a workout again without having pain and discomfort that would cause migraines.

I was looking into CrossFit but was always intimidated by the videos. A friend of mine suggested a class to me and I figured that I tried a few different workout routines, might as well give it a try. It was the best decision I’ve made in regards to my overall health. That was the day I kicked a ten year habit of smoking cigarettes and haven’t looked back since. The workouts caused minimal to no discomfort and the community aspect provided the inspiration that I needed to start fighting for my health again.  Now, I enjoy helping others improve their overall health and wellbeing in something that has done the same for me.

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-USAW Sports Performance Coach

Jonathan Burgard
Jonathan BurgardOwner/Coach

Jonathan “Coach Goose” Burgard is Founder and Co-Owner of True Glory CrossFit and Co-Owner of ASDC CrossFit in Flemington, NJ. He is one tall drink of water, standing at 6’7″ and weighing in a 230 lbs. Although one might look at his outer image as massive, Jonathan humbles himself daily with a soft heart and an intense passion for humanity.  The gift of being able to better a person’s life, children and adults alike.

Jonathan is a man of God. Which means that he gives his whole heart to Him. Jonathan’s mission since high school was to understand God’s purpose for his life and develop and cultivate his craft as he pursued his calling. This is where Jonathan’s story gets real interesting.

Jonathan has always been a performer and since he can remember he has had a desire to make humanity feel good. Whether by performance or service or just listening, Jonathan always knew that God had a specific task. For 12 years, Jonathan traveled and toured the USA as a professional actor, singer, dancer. Having done more than 30 different productions in theme parks, regional theaters, national tours, ballets, and on cruise ships, Jonathan has met, learned from, and worked with a plethora of different people. He has lived in 36 states and has been to 41 of them.

His career in fitness began in high school during the summer going into his senior year. Adding 20 lbs. to his physique Jonathan took his love for fitness to the next level. He became deeply involved and began pursuing all wisdom he could get his hands on. A year later, Jonathan received his personal training certification through Interactive Fitness Trainers of America where he became a Pro Trainer at Gold’s Gym NYC. After a year with Gold’s, Jonathan went back to performing and began traveling to different cities for another three years. His passion never ceased, it only got bigger.

One day, after waiting for call from his agents for a major broadway show, Jonathan got an offer from Slim Goodbody Corporation to take over the national tour and play the Superhero of Health, Slim Goodbody, from PBS and Nickelodeon back in the 80’s. Shortly after, the creative team of the broadway show decided to go into a different direction, and Jonathan took the role of Slim with Open Arms. Lets just say, God had it all under control. Soon after accepting the role of Slim, Jonathan and his wife moved away from NYC and left the broadway adventure. Now, for 6 years, Jonathan has committed his life to educating and entertaining children Pre-K through 8th grade, performing live broadway style musicals that teach children about the body and the importance of nutrition and exercise.

In those 6 years, Jonathan has toured 41 states, has performed in more than 1500 shows, and has entertained and educated more than a million children, teachers, and parents nationwide. This is a mission that Jesus has guided daily.

But Why CrossFit? On August 2, 2013 Jonathan underwent a serious shoulder surgery that left the surgeon less than optimistic about his future in fitness. Jonathan had a labrum that was completely gone and needed replaced, a fracture humeral head that needed repair, and 9 cysts that needed removed. After 3 months of PT and then 6 months of trying to workout in gyms, Jonathan felt utterly hopeless. With no ability to place his arms straight above his head, he started to believe the surgeons unfortunate prognosis. The first time Jonathan walked into a CrossFit Gym, he not only couldn’t hold a 45lb. bar over his head, a 95lb. front squat was impossible. His mobility was non existent. Because of the effectiveness of each workout and the CrossFit prescription, in five short months, Jonathan went from a 95lb. front squat to a 305lb. front squat. He went from not being to hold a bar over his head to holding 225lbs over his head. Now almost a year later, his strength continues to increase, but more than anything he has seen hope right before his eyes. This is why CrossFit.

Along Jonathan’s travels he had the blessing of visiting more than 30 CrossFit boxes and experiencing all aspects of coaching, the do’s and the don’t, the rights and the wrongs, and a community atmosphere that has further developed his love for CrossFit. Jonathan is on the advisory board of Box Pro Magazine, an affiliate business resource, and a blogger for them as well.

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-CrossFit Kids Trainer

-CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

-CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer

-USAW Sports Performance Coach and Club Coach


Coach Jason has an extensive background in sports.  He played and coached football for years. Training athletes in strength & conditioning has been a passion of his.  He first got involved with CrossFit years ago through CrossFit Football (now known as CrossFit Sport Specific Application).  He instantly fell in love with CrossFit and its ability to transform any athlete.

Coach Jason’s personal goal now is to live a happy and healthy life.  He enjoys the journey and loves meeting new people.  Coaching athletes is very rewarding to him.  He still has that competitive fire and loves to push himself in workouts.  Seeing other CrossFitter’s break new records on a regular basis also drives him to be a better athlete and coach.

His nickname is “Coach Socks” because of the all the colorful and cool socks he wears while coaching and training. Hi passion continues as he is dedicated to helping all levels of athletes reach their fitness goals.

-CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-Sport-Specific Application Instructor

Stephen Scheich & Logan Horvath
Stephen Scheich & Logan HorvathCoaches
CrossFit Level 1

I was the traditional college kid, going to a discount nonsense gym. Until an old friend of mine came to me and asked if I would consider trying CrossFit. I was resentful until I had run out of excuses. That was the first time I had come to ASDC and met Brian, needless to say after the first WOD I found just how out of shape I was. Since then I have pushed myself to better myself and do what I can for our community.

I started doing CrossFit because I needed an outlet from my crazy day life as a full time student and working 30 hours part-time. Some may define their “me” time getting their nails done or watching movies, but I find my therapy at the gym behind a barbell. CrossFit has allowed me to not only better my physical self but also my mental self. CrossFit has shown me how I can be the best me as well as how to constructively encourage others. My intentions of being a CrossFit athlete did not start with the notion of gaining muscles or being in shape, I simply sought to define an hour of ‘me’ time. My motives for showing up every day became the ambition to be better than who I was yesterday. I used to be the girl who would go to the chain gym for an hour, sweat on the elliptical and call it a day but never saw any results (the fact that I have a minor addiction to cake and pizza is another story). I have been gained confidence and companionships which I am forever thankful for. The atmosphere at a CrossFit box is so much more interpersonal than the chain gym. The people working out next to you care about you as much as they do themselves.

You all suffer and struggle through a WOD together, but there is no better feeling than finishing a tough HERO WOD together or cheering on your family member as they hit a new PR. The Box is more than a gym to me, it is my second home, it is where my family is who support me in achieving my goals. By becoming a coach, I can only hope to be an inspiration to others and to help my family achieve their goals as my coaches have inspired me to do so. The relationships I have built with my coaches is one that I can only hope to reciprocate to others. The interactions between the coach and athlete extend outside of the gym. Coaching, to me, is the ability to enhance and improve the lives of others, both inside and outside of the gym. CrossFit is more than a gym to me, it is my therapy, my home, my inspiration, my favorite part of the day (even if it is 5am before the sunrise), all thanks to those who have supported me along my journey.

Becca Assistant Coach
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PaigeAssistant Coach
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MelissaAssistant Coach
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TracyAssistant Coach
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